Going faster

In response to our customer demands to manage more, we are getting faster.

  • When a car booked for a required time (including so-called pre-booking), you know when and where to arrive. The taxi sometimes arrives earlier but informs you of its onset by a text message, which will also state time till which taxi is waiting for you free of extra charge. Taxi always waits 2 minutes after the set time for which you have booked the car. So – should you be ready, you can leave earlier, if not, taxi waits for arranged time free of charge.
  • When you book a car "for now" (ie: we sent the nearest available car), approximate time of taxi’s arrival will be given to you by the Control Centre or you can find it in your App. When you receive a text message that your car is comming, it will be on place till 5 minutes. Your car will wait for you for 2 minutes free of charge.

Should you need the driver to wait longer than above specified time, it is possible to send him a text message or call the Control centre, from which you will be automatically redirected to your driver.