Transport by your own car

vehicle transport

Are you drunk or tired to drive? You don’t want to leave the car parked at a remote location over night? Don’t risk an traffic accident, loss of your driving license or car demage and let us take you away in the comfort of your own car.


Vehicle transport was first service we provided. After long years we’re proud of our very expirienced drivers and modern customer center. We do our best to constantly improving our service for your satisfaction.

  • The fastest arrive to destination
  • Low fixed prices for high quality service
  • Payment via credit card

Car vehicle plus

Do you need to be transport to get your car first and ride farther then? For this case we provided car vehicle plus service, which has to be booked in advance. 


The Calculation of Total Price: starting rate + (route length km x rate per km) + (route time min x riding rade per minute) + possible coefficient (can be used in very busy times). The minimum price only for transport by your own car is also taken into the fixed price.

Car transport* Starting rates Waiting Price per km Min. price Silver discount Golden discount
up to 30 km 40 CZK 6 CZK/min 28 KCZK/km 300 CZK 25 CZK/km 23 CZK/km

* Complete price list


 How do you recognize our car?

  • Cars, which provide the vehicle transport are either plastered with a company logo or equipped with magnetic logo.

If you would like to be absolutely sure that you are getting into the car of MODRY ANDEL, follow the identification data in SMS that you will get. For example ... LP:..., blue Roomster... 

Insurance of responsibility of possible damage done by a driver is a matter of course!

  • In a case of accident contact our insurance department on +420 605 600 023.
  • Possible accident please solve immediately with a driver - by written form.
  • For each accident or damage is neccesary to call the police and complete a form (The protocol of vehicle damage).



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