TAXI, person transport

Prefer to use experienced drivers and high standards of Modry andel. So you can be sure that you will get safely and comfortably where you need to.

Booking taxi

  • Many ways of reservationiOS and Android apps, online from website or by calling nonstop dispatching +420 737 222 333.
  • Reservation in case of online booking is confirmed by email and additional information about the car delivery, type and number of the car, urgency, authorization code for non-cash payment etc.

Delivery of the car

Thanks to advanced mobile application, delivery time is as short as possible. It is of course influenced by the current traffic situation.

According to your requirements and your reservation, your cab will wait several minutes for free. You will recive SMS message with detail info. If you need the car to be delayed longer, please, contact the driver directly.

Waiting caused by car defect or drivers fault is not charged to the customer.

What else the Modry andel offers

  • Payment via cards in each car
  • Drivers act according to a strict etiquette
  • Do you have a favorite driver? Not a problem with us, you can request a specific crew
  • Ride in a dedicated lane and parking stations for taxis in Prague provides flexible transport within the city during peak hours
  • On request in advance we can arrange and reserve a car child seats *
  • Choose drivers language skills
  • You can also request a full formal dress driver and benefits to drive in the form of a Business Class taxi
  •  Sophisticated system of customer support and evaluation rides and drivers. We would appreciate any response and comment to your ride or reservation

Taxi price from 19 CZK / km as part of a loyalty program, or other promotional discounts.

Complete price list is on web or in each car.






+ 420 737 222 333


Airport transport

We can arrange a comfortable way of transport from/to Václav Havel Airport Prague.