Your advertisement on/in cars etc.

Offered advertising surface and distribution place is moving mostly in Prague and around for 24 hours a day. It parks, waits or drives on a bit at very frequented places and at the same time it transports constantly new a new clients, so your advertisement on the exterior, interior or distribution of items through drivers can not ignored by customers.

We have about 150 vehicles in our car fleet.

We offer e.g.:

  • rental of advertising surface especially on car rear windows.
  • placement of advertising items or media inside vehicles
  • distribution of advertising materials (handbills, advertising items) to clients through drivers
  • providing information and advertising texts of your company using communication channels (e-mail confirmation, SMS messages, announcement on the switchboard) to our clients
  • and others

For detailed information or with supply and demand write an email to and we will be glad to answer you any questions.