VIP discount cards

Present your company in the best possible way, by providing discounts or other benefits to our best customers in the program of VIP discount cards.

We offer cooperation to restaurant, sport, culture or other facilities.

Cooperation based on a contract is based on the provision of a discount from the side of those interested in cooperation with our clients, who own VIP card (two values - silver card, golden card).

As a contractor you will receive just one VIP gold card and a VIP silver card (for each contract - the premises) and you will be presented on our web site as a contractor.

  • EXTRA! The one who will provide a discount min. 15% to holders of VIP silver card (incl.) (or min. 25% to holders of VIP golden card) we offer a monthly special presentation on our website. It is about making a separate site, called This month we recommend, where you have big choices of presentation (incl. photographies, pictures, texts with links and others.).
  • In individual cases we can also offer a banner on the home page of our website.

The card entitles:

Utilize services that provide MODRY ANDEL - person transport or vehicle transport at reduced prices by cards value.

The card is nontransferable and is connected with the telephone number (it must be reserved from it), from this phone number when ordering more cards at the same time, the discount applies to only one car (you cannot reserve a transport for stranger or other person).

Prices of services for each cards you can found out from the price lists.

Utilize discounts in contractual facilities.


If you are interested in more information, sending a draft contract or you are interested in a personal meeting, contact us to