Invoice payment

I´d like rides on an invoice

If You want to sign the cooperation agreement with us or if You would like to try out on the Trial period at first time, contact our business department at +420 605 600 013 or where we will prepare everything with You.


  • Traveling to work meetings has never been easier.
  • Non-cash payments include a "package" of benefits. From advantageous prices, through a clear booking system to higher client support.
  • Sign the cooperation agreement with us and keep everything clearly in one place.
  • You will not need any cash, a credit card, vouchers or prepaid cards -> payment once a month is a matter of course for us.
  • Clients are automatically identified by phone numbers -> no need to prove themselves.


A clear business account that we set up to suit your needs

  • Add and remove your employees anytime and anywhere.
  • Set each employee the appropriate range of permissions.
  • Immediate overview of rides for all your employees.
  • Detailed reports of all rides that you can filter, export or print as an attachment to the invoice.
  • Evidence of all issued invoices for display or print with overview of rides/without the overview of rides.
  • You can chech the position of the car at current ride.
  • You can reserve a ride for yourself, for your colleague or your clients -> just enter phone number as a notification and informative SMS message will be send to this telephone number.
  • We can help you save a lot of time with a difficult invoice distribution and we will divide your rides according to your divisions, cost centers, accounting circuits, etc.
  • If you need separate billing, that will not be a problem for us.
  • Support of our business department, which is here for you all working day from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4:30 pm.
  • Set fixed pricing for your favorite rides.
  • Collect points from business rides for better pricing to your private rides.

Do not forget to use our Business Class, which is the best choice for our corporate clients and is becoming more and more popular.


Show prices

Kinds of booking

  • By phone non-stop +420 737 222 333
  • By applicationi Modrý anděl pro Android or application Modrý anděl pro iPhone/iPad

    It is necessary to be registrated in the privat account for this types of booking(mean by application). It is not restricting to book a non-cash payment ride. If you download an aplication and make a registration from the cell phone with phone nuber, which has authorization to book non-cash payment ride, the privat account will be created automatically for this phone number. If you already have a private account it´s simple to pair the private account with a corporate account by inserting an actuall email adress. Non- cash payment is primary configurated to your phone number.The choice of payment you will find in a detail configuration. As well is also possible to choose Bussines class.

    With this aplication you don´t have to know, where you are.The application will localize your position, than you click for your favourite service and in the second you will see the time, when the nearest driver can arrive.If you sign in a final destination, application will show you an approximate price. The application is atractive and quick way how to make a resrevation, that does not have equivalent in our market.
  • Online na (iPhone and Android phones displays the web touch application)
  • by SMS message na +420 736 380 390
  • throw private or company account

Everytime you wil get information about approximate price. The approximate price is only counted from kilometres from booked route, there is not take account of operational waiting

When the car arrive you receive an SMS  with information on number of the crew, type of vehicle and fare.

For more informations you can use