Transport by your own car

We have fixed prices valid from 29th January 2019.
You can see it in an apps, on the web reservation, or our operators will tell you.

Fixed price is counted (according to the pricelist below): starting rate + (route length km x rate per km) + (route time min x riding rade per minute) x traffic coefficient*. The minimum price only for transport by your own car is also taken into the fixed price.


Contractor´s pricelist valid from 1st September

Service Minimum price for transport Without discount Silver discount Gold discount
Price 300 CZK 28 CZK/km 25 CZK/km 23 CZK/km
concrete crew 350 CZK 30 CZK/km 30 CZK/km 30 CZK/km
Starting rate 40 CZK
Price for 1 min. of ride* 4 CZK/min.
on the place
6 CZK/min.

* Related to fixed prices. Traffiic Coefficient is 1 (it does not increase prices) but can be higher (and prices also) in very busy times or during the holidays.

  • You always receive a SMS to the car waiting for free.
  • Starting rate with a start and destination out of Prague is 40 CZK + fee (included in Fixed price).
  • Prices are including VAT and they are guaranteed by all our contract partners.