Taxi, person transport

Contractor´s pricelist valid from 1st April 2018

Class Basic price Silver discount Gold discount Pre-reservation
(ride up to 6 km)
no Rush Traffic*
21 CZK/km 21 CZK/km 19 CZK/km 28 CZK/km
Rush Traffic*
23 CZK/km 21 CZK/km 19 CZK/km 28 CZK/km
Business 28 CZK/km 25 CZK/km 23 CZK/km 28 CZK/km
Starting rate 40 CZK
Waitung 6 CZK/min.
  • * Rush Traffic:
    Mo - Fr 6:00-10:00 a 16:00-20:00 hod.,
    Sa and Su 0:00 - 4:00, 6:00-10:00 a 16:00-20:00 hr.
  • Starting rate with a start and destination out of Prague is 40 CZK + surcharge. The amount of surcharge will tell You a dispatch center at the request in advance a it is based on the place of a delivery.
  • A waiting fee is charged per a taximeter (for example if you stay in a tailback or at the traffic lights.).
  • You will get a SMS or push notification from app about a vehicle arrival.
  • Prices are including VAT and they are guaranteed by all our contract partners.

In days 24.12., 25.12., 26.12., 27.12., 31.12., 1.1., 2.1., 30.4., 1.5. and Easter´s monday  is not possible use any discount. Fares are established 28 CZK/km (including VIP card holders).

For a control We state numbers of rates, which are set on taximeter to concrete price. When You get in the car, You can check if your driver set the right rate as per the price, he has to charge.

At the same time You will recieve the number of rates and fare also in a SMS message about the car delivery.

Definition of rates

Number of rate set on the taximeter Price Price for a waiting
Rate 1 28 CZK/km 6 CZK/min.
Rate 2 21 CZK/km 6 CZK/min.
Rate 3 19 CZK/km 6 CZK/min.
Rate 5 23 CZK/km 6 CZK/min.
Rate 8 or A 25 CZK/km 6 CZK/min.