Prices in the case of a contract for noncash payment on invoice

Class Taxi Vehicle transport
Standard 21 CZK/km 28 CZK/km
Business 23 CZK/km ---
Prereservation to 8 km 23 CZK/km --
Concrete crew at the request 23 CZK/km 28 CZK/km
Starting rate 40 CZK  
Waiting 6 CZK/min.  
  • Mentioned prices are without VAT.
  • Mentioned prices areguaranteed by all our partners.
  • For pick-up or drop-off places outside Prague we charge starting rate 40 CZK plus additional charge.
  • The minimum price for a transport of vehicles is 255 CZK / in rush traffic 300 CZK.
  • Rush traffic means for taxi the period from 4am to 8pm and for car transfer period from 6am to 7pm.
  • Minimum price for driving away your car from or to destination outside of Prague is 300 CZK.
  • In days 24.12., 25.12., 31.12., 1.1., 30.4., 1.5. and Easter´s monday - fares are established 23 CZK/km (TAXI), 30 CZK/km (vehicle transport), minimum price for vehicle transport is 300 CZK.
  • “Waiting” means 1) operational waiting (price is automatically charged when waiting at a crossroads, or in traffic jam in heavy traffic), 2) waiting for the customer.
  • There is a fee of CZK 50 (excluding VAT) applied for our rides from or to the airport to cover the cost of parking fee for entering the airport parking zone, which is required by Prague Airport (entry fee for a basic clients is CZK 100).
  • This price list is valid only in the case of long-term average cost per ride for min. 250 CZK without VAT.

Valid from 1st March 2018