Prices in the case of a contract for noncash payment on invoice

Class Taxi Vehicle transport
Standard 21 CZK/km 28 CZK/km
Business 23 CZK/km ---
Prereservation to 8 km 23 CZK/km --
Concrete crew at the request 23 CZK/km 28 CZK/km
Starting rate 40 CZK  
Waiting 6 CZK/min.  
  • Mentioned prices are without VAT.
  • Mentioned prices areguaranteed by all our partners.
  • For pick-up or drop-off places outside Prague we charge starting rate 40 CZK plus additional charge.
  • The minimum price for a transport of vehicles is 255 CZK / in rush traffic 300 CZK.
  • Rush traffic means for taxi the period from 4am to 8pm and for car transfer period from 6am to 7pm.
  • Minimum price for driving away your car from or to destination outside of Prague is 300 CZK.
  • In days 24.12., 25.12., 31.12., 1.1., 30.4., 1.5. and Easter´s monday - fares are established 23 CZK/km (TAXI), 30 CZK/km (vehicle transport), minimum price for vehicle transport is 300 CZK.
  • “Waiting” means 1) operational waiting (price is automatically charged when waiting at a crossroads, or in traffic jam in heavy traffic), 2) waiting for the customer.

Valid from 1st March 2018