Medieval Tavern Dětenice

We provide taxi or vehicle transport for a good fixed price from/to Medieval tavern in Dětenice.
When reserving please state discount code: 009 888 111.

Open Tue-Sat 11 AM - 23 PM , Sun-Mon 11 AM -22 PM.

What to expect

  • you can see dancers on the tables
  • jugglers,fencers, fakir (a performance with a live snake) and beggars will entertain You
  • burning the witches
  • you can eat medieval specialities prepared on an open fire, which are eaten by hands
  • be ready for a shocking medieval milieu and a bit rough manner of speech 


  • Every day except Sunday and Monday from January throughout the year
  • On Friday and Saturday is necessary reservation in advance
  • Entrance fee to the medieval program Tue-Thu 125 CZK, Fri-Sat 145 CZK

Come, you will see, hear, drink and eat.

A trip to the medieval tavern in Dětenice
  private car multi-seat vehicle transport
From Prague or to Prague 1.400 CZK 1.800 CZK 1.800 CZK
one way price one way price one way price
Back (from Dětenice or from Prague)  for free for free for free
Waiting fee 300 CZK/hour  300 CZK/hour 400 CZK/hour
  • Prices are available only if you say a discount code: 009 888 111.
  • A way back is for free only if you pay the waiting fee between drives.
  • Quantity discount - price for each extra picking car up at the same time is 1500 CZK.
  • Prices are including VAT and guaranteed by all our contract partners.