Invoice payment

Invoice payment

  • You don´t have to pay cash, you dot´t have to pay by credit card. You will pay in bulk only once a month (or by the contracting agreement).
  • Non-cash payments contain a pack of benefits. From the favorable prices,over a transparent booking system, to the higher customer support.
  • You don´t need vouchers or pre- payed cards - everything is solved by SMS.
  • Contractual partner or more preciesly, administrator, who will be chosen by him, will get the acces to the corporate account, where:
    • he can insert, edit and delete persons, who can use non-cash payments, administrator´s roles and he can define their authorities,
    • when it´s neccessary he adds cost centres,
    • administrator has absolute an overview of journeys- he can filtr, print, export, In the current journey, there may track the position car ,edit or delete, he can reserve directly for another person (perhaps assistant for his/her superior).,
    • administrator has more configuration options.
  • It is possible to have the same acces to the private account as well as to the corporate account.
  • Authorization of the yourney is made by a code,which you will get in SMS in the end of the yourney and you will tell it to the driver, who will put it to the system.The code comes in SMS when the yourney is finished or automaticaly in corporate account if you sign a confirmation of arranged yourney to the driver.

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Kinds of booking

  • By phone non-stop +420 737 222 333
  • By applicationi Modrý anděl pro Android or application Modrý anděl pro iPhone/iPad

    It is necessary to be registrated in the privat account for this types of booking(mean by application). It is not restricting to book a non-cash payment ride. If you download an aplication and make a registration from the cell phone with phone nuber, which has authorization to book non-cash payment ride, the privat account will be created automatically for this phone number. If you already have a private account it´s simple to pair the private account with a corporate account by inserting an actuall email adress. Non- cash payment is primary configurated to your phone number.The choice of payment you will find in a detail configuration. As well is also possible to choose Bussines class.

    With this aplication you don´t have to know, where you are.The application will localize your position, than you click for your favourite service and in the second you will see the time, when the nearest driver can arrive.If you sign in a final destination, application will show you an approximate price. The application is atractive and quick way how to make a resrevation, that does not have equivalent in our market.
  • Online na (iPhone and Android phones displays the web touch application)
  • by SMS message na +420 736 380 390
  • throw private or company account

Everytime you wil get information about approximate price. The approximate price is only counted from kilometres from booked route, there is not take account of operational waiting

When the car arrive you receive an SMS  with information on number of the crew, type of vehicle and fare.

For more informations you can use