SMS reservation

Book simply at +420 736 352 100.

  • And it is just for the price of SMS message according to your tariff. (It's not possible to use portals, which are able to send SMS messages for free.)

A basic shape of the SMS reservation must contain at least this information and must be sent from your mobile phone:


(information separate just with a comma)


Here are all the possible information that can be stated in the SMS booking:

T,Smith,POC 2,POS 171,A,EN,OS 2,ZAV 3,SED 1,FLY OK4545,Vodickova,23,10:00,23.12.,KOD 45678,POZ *Flat number 2*

(separate just with a comma, use spaces in single information according to the patterns)



Reserve the service

  • T - means Taxi or person transport
  • O - means - Vehicle transport

Enter your surname

  • For example Smith: Smith

Enter the number of vehicles

  • Number of vehicles You want to reserve for a person transport or number of vehicles you need to transport.
  • For example: for 2 vehicles enter POC 2 (POCspace2).
  • If do not enter this requirement, it will be reserved just one vehicle.

Enter the number of crew

  • In case You want to reserve a concrete crew.
  • For example POS 111 (POSspace111).
  • If You do not enter this information, it will be reserved the best vehicle.

Enter the class

  • You can ask for additional services:

B - Business class
V – multi-seat vehicle
K – combi vehicle
Z – animal transport

  • If You do not enter these information, any of the earliest possible vehicle will be delivered to You (without increasing the rate per km in case of above-standard  type).

Enter the language

  • For a person transport You can select the following language skills of the driver:

EN – English speaking driver
DE – German speaking driver
RU – Russian speaking driver

  • If You do not have any unusual requirements, any of the earliest possible vehicle will be delivered to You (all drivers speak Czech).

Enter the number of persons, luggage, child car seats

  • For a person transport you can enter the number of transported persons, luggage and child car seats as necessary.
  • For example: 2 persons, 2 luggage, 2 child car seats  OS 2,ZAV 2,SED 2 (OSspace2commaspaceZAVspace2commaspaceSEDspace2space)
  • Another example: three persons OS 3 (OSspace3)
  • If you do not enter the number of persons, luggage or child car seats, your reservation will be made for 1 person, 1 luggage and 0 child car seat.

Enter the flight number

  • Valid for orders of person transport from the airport.
  • For example: for a flight OK1234 enter FLY OK1234 (FLYspaceflightnumber).

Required car delivery place

  • Street, blue number: for example - Vodičkova,1 (streetcommanumber)
  • Out of Prague in the shape village,street, blue number: Plzen,Holeho,2 (village,comma,streetcommahousenumbercomma)

The time and date of the car delivery

  • Reservation of immediate transport - do not enter anything
  • In case of reservation in advance, enter the requiered time and date in formate hh:mm,, so for example 20:45,01.12. (hourcolonminutescommadaydotnumberofmonthdot)

Enter the discount code

  • Valid for contract partners and special offers in case the discount code has been assigned to them.
  • For example: CODE 45678 (CODEspace45678)

Enter a comment for a driver

  • In case you need to specify some information about a car delivery place, use this opportunity.
  • For example: COMMENT *Ring the bell* (Commentspaceasterisktextasterisk)


Changing the reserved service by SMS

(Send it always only from the number, that you used for the original reservation!) 



  • S -  a cancellation of your reservation at time before you get in the car (without a back-reaction  - you will not get a SMS about processing this requirement)
  • For a reservation in advance is neccessary to enter the whole format with a time and day of planned drive, for example: S, 10:00,23.12.(Scommahourcolonminutescomma datedotnumberofmonthdot).
  • Beware, in case you send this "cancellation" requirement , you cancel all actual reserved drives!


  • Z - changing of reserved service and any new valid reservation data (without any back confirmation of the change by SMS)
  • For example:  Z,OS 2 (ZcommonOSspace2)

Procedure and processing SMS reservations:

Please send SMS just in accordance with a mentioned pattern of SMS reservation (see above Form of SMS reservation).

As soon as is your SMS delivered, it is immediately automatically entered into the system.

Our system will assign your requirement of the vehicle reservation according to the current situation of available vehicles and you will receive SMS with an information about a vehicle delivery and an identification of the vehicle, which will be delivered to you.

Beware! If it is a reservation for a specific time, you get SMS when your required drive is assigned to a vehicle. It means according to a required transport time.

On busy days such as feasts this SMS comes after the system assigns your requirement to a concrete vehicle. The time depends on the actual traffic conditions, it means the number and placement of free vehicles.

As soon as the car delivered to your address, you will get an informational SMS with an invitation to get in the car.