Reservation by phone

taxi service pragueCall +420 737 222 333

telephone number

In case the phone number is not visible on the phone display or for a verification.


In case you have already used our services, your name will be saved with your phone number and our operator will just verify it.

requirement for a service

A question if you ask for a taxi - person transport or vehicle transport.

Eventually how many persons, luggage will be transported or how many cars do you need.

discount code

In case you are a client of our contract partner and you have a discount code, with which you can get a taxi with a reduced rate.

required time of a car delivery

Tell us the time, when you would like to deliver a vehicle (immediately or to a different time or day).

requirement of an above-standard service

We offer many ways of additional services:

- Multi-seat vehicles
- Combi vehicles
- Business class on request
- Child car seat
- Concrete crew

address of an entrance

Our operator needs to know the street, house number or some another identification data.

address of an exit

telephone number for notifying SMS

In case you reserve a drive for a different person or from a different phone number, it is neccesary to mention phone number, where you can get SMS with an information, that your vehicle is ready.