Mobile application

taxi app pragueWe have created a new revolutionary application for an iPhone / Android named the Modry andel, through which you can very simply and quickly book services such as taxi/transport of persons, removal of the car or transport from/to the airport.

What is the application able to do?

After the start up and the choice of the required service, the application will attempt to find your current location using GPS, operator´s BTS, and wireless networks. If you can't get the exact location, which is typical when ordering inside the building, you can get the current position using the map and the suggest feature simply set.

In the next step the application shows you how many minutes it takes for the nearest car to come and in case that you specify also the address of the output, you'll find also the indicative price. The time of the vehicle driving you can of course change.

For example, if you need to drive a vehicle for 8 persons, a detailed setting will help you.


The last step is to confirm the reservation. Then the time of driving a car and the indicative price will be displayed.

Downloading of the application


It is necessary to register before booking by means of this application.

If you have already registered, please use the login and password of your private account.

If you have not been registered to the private account at the Modry andel yet, it is necessary to insert your e-mail into application and register. The system verifies phone number and automatically logs you with login and password, that application remembers and at the next start of application you'll be logged in right away. At the same time login information will be sent to your given email to log on to an account on the computer as well or using the Web touch application.

If you log at any time on through the computer, you can use further options and functions of the private account, such as log on to your frequent flyer programme, show your journeys overview, journey evaluation, highlighted popular routes, etc. Furthermore, it is appropriate to fill in your name, you can change there your password and other things like this.