Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that contain little data that can be stored in different types of user's devices when visiting our or any other website.

In particular, cookies are used for:

  • Helps effectively navigate the web, personalize, store preferences, and generally improve user experience from the internet.
  • Make possible to distinguish whether a particular user has visited a website in the past or is a new visitor.
  • Helps to show an ad tailored to the interests of a particular user on the web.

Modrý anděl uses three categories of cookies:

  1. Cookies required for the operation of the Website and provide the functions strictly necessary for the use of the Website. No need for user consent to use these essential cookies;
  2. cookies that are not strictly necessary for the operation of the Website, however, their use improves the user experience, makes it easier to view the website and, at the same time, increases the performance of the site;
  3. analytical cookies that collect information to understand how users use the website.

Saving cookies according to Letter. 2) and 3) of the previous paragraph can be disabled in the browser settings (and third-party cookies may also be disabled using the button link at the end of the page). However, if the user does so, some features of the website may be inaccessible or may not work as expected.

To learn more about processing your personal information, please read our  GDPR Terms.

Most Web browsers accept cookies by default. However, the user can change their browser settings and refuse and remove cookies. The specific procedure varies from browser to browser so that you can find more information in your browser's help. The most popular browsers are:

Rejecting or removing cookies may result in the malfunction of the Website or some of its services and may adversely affect your user experience. Domains of sites that may use content and related third-party cookies will not be available.

If you are bothered by Modrý anděl's remarketing activities, we have also prepared the quickest way for you to opt out of these activities through our site. However, if you disable cookies, you may see ads that are less relevant to your interests (and are therefore irrelevant to you). If you want to delete your ad cookies, click the "Remove from Campaigns" button below.

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