"New" website

Blue was good, but it needed a change. Spring is here and so is our new web-design

As you have surely noticed our Apps, promotion brochures, car advertisements and everything else has been updated with a new design. It is therefore obvious that the next step was to update our website. We tried long and hard to make it more user-friendly not only providing you with information but enabling you to sign up for private account or make online reservations.

We believe that you will like it and enjoy using it. We welcome any comments or suggestions, please email us at info@modryandel.cz. Your feedback is most valuable and important for us. We are always very grateful for it.

We would also like to thank to all who took part in creating our new website. We are grateful for your cooperation with us.

Should you be interested in the previous design (from 2005) please have a look here.