VIP gold

You can find your electronic VIP card in your Modry andel app´s  account.

For owners of VIP golden cards we guarantee:

  • discounts in companies and restaurants
  • taxi fare discount
  • vehicle transport discount

* In addition to the exceptions listed in the pricelist.

Prices for cash or by card payment for golden card holders incl. VAT valid from 1. 4. 2018.



Taxi standard 19 CZK/km
Taxi concrete crew 19 CZK/km
Taxi Business třída 23 CZK/km
Transport by your own car 23 CZK/km


  • for getting it is necessary to achieve 100 points from your account
  • to keep the card with an extra annual validity it si necessary to achieve 50 points at your account
  • more information

Actual electronic VIP card







Real version of the Golden Card: