Company history

The company MODRY ANDEL provides services related a transportation already for several years. Especially the taxi service, person transport, transport by your own car and food distribution in Prague and around. It provides a modern dispatch centre and internal auto service.

The domain is creating our own system for process of clients check in, which is still evolving, expanding and adapting to requirements of our clients, drivers and dispatch centre.

How it has started...

MODRY ANDEL started about 10 years ago as the service, that was concerned only with a vehicle transport.

It started to ride on Prague streets with several characteristic blue vehicles Škoda Fabia and also thanks to that, by comparison with car fleets of rival companies, it began to get new clients  As well thanks to suitable usage of LPG vehicles it also attacked rival companies with very low prices.

Over time, thanks to satisfied clients and a rise in demand the car fleet has expanded and due to needs of clients, the company expanded services about a taxi service and person transport. At the same time it provided a food distribution for a partner company.

About the same time was created MODRY ANDEL s.r.o.. It was in 2004.

Since that thanks to loyal and satisfied clients we are constantly growing, not only our personell. We offer more products related to a transportation, we still improve the whole process of clients check in thanks to latest tenchnologies, then we innovate and expand our car fleet, we make more and more contracts with partner companies and we get more regular customers.

We thank all clients and we believe that we will maintain their good graces.