Changes you will notice

CEO statement

Dear customers,

I am very grateful for your support and value your input.

Lately you may have noticed the media indicating or mentioning the amendment to the Road Traffic Act, which comes into effect on 1st May 2013 and is essentially covering taxi services. With regards to this law, I have noticed some confusing information and queries, and therefore would like to inform you - our clients of the changes that concern you.

Please find the following overview and insight information which is going to, as I believe, help you to provide sufficient understanding and avoiding any discrepancies.

Thank you for your attention and I wish you many pleasant moments spent maybe thanks to the wide range of services provided by the Blue Angel.

Should you have further queries, comments or other notes regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact our Control centre by filling our kontaktní formulář, by calling 737 222 333 or emailing us at


Robert Faltýnek
CEO Modry anděl

Changes resulting from the new Law Amendment


When does the amendment come into effect?
Amendment of the Trafic Road Act comes into effect on 1st May 2013.
Does it apply only for Prague region?
No, the law itself applies to whole territory of the Czech Republic. Nevertheless, further specifications are modified by bills of individual towns. Given that the company Blue Angles operates in the capital city Prague, it abides by the applicable law and applicable bill of the Capital city Prague.
What changes for me, the customer?
Main change consists of assurance for a TAXI customer that driver driving him/her has passed all required tests (topography, basics in law, taxi-meter operation knowledge).
Does the appearance of Taxi cars change somehow?
All taxis must be equipped with a yellow roof lamp showing the word "TAXI". Each car must be labelled with a name of the company and its price list has to be displayed in a way so that everyone can familiarize with it before their journey.
Do the prices of taxi services change somehow?
Pricing in Prague remains restricted by a bill which sets a maximum fares at 28 CZK per kilometre.
Do I receive a receipt after paying at the end of the journey?
Yes, but only if you ask for it. Drivers are not obliged to print a receipt after each journey unless asked for.
Does something change when transported in own car?
From 1st May 2013, even when transporting a car, driver has to have a taxi driver's license with him at all times. In the event that a customer is transported by accompanying car, this vehicle is regarded as a TAXI car and as such must meet all the conditions of the law. This unfortunately means that we can transport clients only in their own cars, not accompanying car. We have been already discussing possibility of exceptions. At the same time will are no longer able to transport clients to their nearby cars. It is necessary to use the service of transport from a place where there is a car that will be transporting you.

Are the fares going to stay the same?
According to the Act, it is necessary to make many changes, which involve a considerable financial burden. To mention a random example – to issue one licence for a taxi driver costs CZK500 and it involves issuing a criminal record etc. It is also necessary to add names of drivers or owners to each car’s Technical Certificate for the charge of CZK800, which must be preceded by registration checks at “STK” costing CZK350. Given that "derive cars" can no longer be identified by any TAXI sign, it was also necessary to seal up all these vehicles, which also increased our overall cost significantly. We have covered all costs without increasing our prices to offer one of the lowest price in Prague.Taxi fares are going to stay the same despite our extra time and cost. Although drink service comes under Taxi services, we have a statement from the City Hall of Prague (department taxis) that the Decree 20/2006 does not apply to us and it is possible to use the minimum cost for transport.

Will amendment reduce quality or number of drivers?
No, the quality comes first! And for that reason we are not the cheapest service in Prague. Most of our partners = successfully passed all necessary test and exams, and we believe that we meet all our customers' requirements.